This is the book i am reading right now.


After few sleepless nights, I decided to find out why baby will wake up at night at scientific way. So this is the first book i am reading right now and folliowing are the key points and my thoughts.


1.讓你自己做好準備 ---yes, i am all prepared.
2.讓寶寶做好準備---i think we are all prepared.
3.培養睡前例行活動 ---before sleep bath, massage, story telling, lullarby music and milk feeding.
4.養成早睡的習慣---Usually we sleep at 9pm, now we are moving to 8pm.
5.保持有彈性又可預測得日常例行活動 --- oh yeh, we are very very routine right now.
6.讓寶寶在固定時間小睡 ---Hana usually sleeps 2 hours in the monring, 2 hours in the afternoon.
7.幫助寶寶學習在不需要協助的情況下入睡 ---mm, i need to work on that. Hana needs milk feeding and sleep on my body before i move her to to break this link is my work, i think.
8.介紹一個"心愛寶貝"給寶寶 ---we buaght a first baby teddy for her, but i think she loves her little gray blanket it can be her "心愛寶貝"
9.讓夜間睡覺和白天小睡有所不同, Hana sleeps at 5F floor in the day time, 4F at night. I think it is the difference.
10.發展作為睡眠提示的關鍵字 ---I am thinking to use the song her father usually sing"HANA 睡覺 HANA 睡覺 HANA睡覺不要怕"~~to her at night
11.用音樂或聲音作為睡眠線索 ---The lullaby music her uncle get for her is playing everynight now. But because it played too much, the CD player was broken now...haha
12.改變寶寶的睡眠連結 ---This is very difficult. Cos she always need milk feeding for her to sleep. Hard to break this link.
13.幫助寶寶自己再入睡,並讓他回到自己的小床 ---same as above.
14.幫助寶寶在另一個人的協助下再度入睡---difficult too, she only want me to hold her before sleep. Perhaps i should let her father try once.
15.要有耐心 ---Oh yeh, tell me about it. I think I am full of patience now after i become a mother.


So, i think my weak points are following:



And i think they are all link to the same thing. I need to think how to get Hana sleep without feeding her and hold her on my chest.......But again, it's the way i get her sleep. Does it relate to why she wakes up many times at night? mm......


Ok, let's try this book first and see how it goes.....




Above is the summary i wrote at 7/27 at FACEBOOK.


After 2 weeks now, does Hana get better??


The answer is, YES, she is getting better but still need to wake up for milk at 23:30 and 3:30AM.(Before was 21:30, 22:30, 23:30, 0:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 and then 6:30) Considering she didn't drink enough milk at day time. I decided to continue feed her at night during sleep.


Oh, well.....the thing is I've got used to wake up at these odd hours anyway.




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