The most important difference between human and other life beings is our capability of using sound and graphical symbols to express ourselves, in highly intricate ways. Indeed, language and words mark the development of our civilization and they were used and presented in "higher order" as a country/society advances...for example "eat" -> "feast" -> "dine".......(and some other words of the same meaning as "eat" in shakespeare literature, which I will tell you when I finish reading them.) But first, one starts with "ah"....(and a lot of "ah".....)

Hana starts talking to us with "ah" (loud and clear).... Although incomprehensible to us, her desire for us to know her is definitely felt. One thing I noted is that she will only "talk" to us when she feels rested, comfortable and happy (aren't these also the preconditions of talking in an adult world...). So much I hope I can understand her "words". I clearly remember that when I was a kid, I used to tell myself that my parents (i.e. adult) could not understand my world and view that I vowed to remember my world and view at that time to the days I an adult. Now being an adult, I have however forgotten the world and view at that time, hence absence of capacity to understand kids, just like my parents used to be for me.... Well, the world of kid these days might well be very different from it used to be. I never had hamburger when I was a kid, and my favorite playtime was to play ping-pong with my brothers rather than shooting them down in Xbox360...(aren’t they play ping pong anymore these days….come on, at least in Wii Sports)…it was much simpler, but equally good, I think….

Talk to me, Hana. Talk aloud and freely. Tell me about your baby world and view while you still remember..and I will write them down for you in Facebook…


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