Spent the new year weekend in HK and Macau with Louis.
Wonderful experience! I can feel the whole HK island is full of vitality and hope.( so different from Taiwan now)
What I did in HK and Macau~
Open the bank account at china bank! It's one of my main purpose to go to HK. what a experience, full of Taiwanese!;) If any of you need advices, let me know!
Stay at the Lanson place hotel in causewaybay! nice little boutique hotel. location is nice, interior is amazing, you feel like step into your own apartment!
Visit Venetian casino in Macau and lost HK$1000! ha! I guess I am not specially good at roulette, but it's really excited and fun.
Attend the concert at HK culture center at the new year's eve. Great performance! Hong Kong Philharmonic's New Year's Gala really makes my last day of 2007 very very special.
Midnight countdown light show at Victoria harbor is magnificent! The buildings in HK island are all lighted up and danced with the music along with fireworks and laser light. Amazing performance! I am also very impressed of the HK government who control all the safety and transportation in the city. Though I spent 2 hours from Tsim Sha Tsui to causeway bay in crowd, but I have no complaints!
These 4 days trip in HK was really a nice little trip, and I am grateful 2007 has ended with no regrets.
Just having little thoughts about Taiwan while i was travelling! Everytimes, I go abroad, I am always very proud to be Taiwanese. But now you can see most tourists in HK are from China, and they are really different looking now.(Full of confidence on their face) I guess that's how you feel when your country is getting stronger and richer!
I am very very disappointed at the current situation in Taiwan now.
And so much to wish this coming 2008 can bring more peace to Taiwan, more faith to Taiwanese, my people.
Just want to share my trip and my feelings with my friends! Enjoy the pictures!
And wish all of you a happy new 2008.
Love from YY


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