What’s up with Hana? Well, right now she is trying to turn her body over on the bed in the bedroom of Lalu Hotel by the Sun Moon Lake, and when she is struggling and cannot make it, she shows her frustration clearly, “eeh eeh eeh……” Hello Hana, be lady-like….

Hana is already four months old, and declared independent, I mean she sleeps by herself in her own bedroom. Adorable but definitely has clear character, is probably her best description. The highlight of my daily life now is to say “good… morning…” to her when she wakes up in the morning and she will then smile, for sure (and my heart melts…). So when I get back home from work in the evening, for sure, I would say “good…morning..” to her, and her mother will then scold me, for sure.

Her cousin Michael (5 years old) would go to hug her and her very little cousin Jason (15 months old and just able to walk few days ago) would call her name and go to clean her mouth with napkin. She has already formed her community and social network (just not yet playing game with others in Facebook). And I suddenly “noticed” that she is Taiwanese and will grow up as a Taiwanese in a Taiwanese way together with her Taiwanese community, a different background and growing path compared to her father. Somehow, I worry about this “gap”…..would this cause any hindrance for her bonding with me? Or would my non-Taiwanese influence cause any future hindrance for her to totally blend into the society here? …. I already decided that for the sake of her, I need to be really台and start eating betel nut. Right? Hana…….gooooood morning….


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