Is weekend. sinking-down to write.

Hana started to sleep through the night from the night of my birthday. Maybe she has realized that her parents need to have rest for taking care of her in the daytime. or she just noted that no one would play with her if she wakes up during the night.

I have come to be amazed by the "automatic sequence" that seems to me "programmed" into human being. A time that she began to move her head around, a time that she started to make "noise", a time that she started smiling at us, a time she could begin to sleep through the night...... All without any "training". So is human instinct. I wonder when one starts to have selfishness.

Many have said that she looks very much like me. I wonder where. One thing for sure is that she has inherited my "stubbornness". Shaking head around strongly, crying aloud sharply, kicking her legs forcefully, whenever she refuses to swallow-in milk, not a milliliter more. My goodness, maybe I should feed her with durian, after all that is my favorite fruit.

As I started to observe her character taking shape. I begin to see her more as a human than a baby. Dear Hana, as the Chinese saying "Human life is 80-90% against one's wishes", you better stay as a baby longer.....emm...clever.



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